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We are a small business started in 2000 by Deana Kowalski (Coupar) in Birch Run, MI.  In the 16 years we have created many special items for our customers.  Here are our stories.

Deana Kowalski (Coupar)

Deana Kowalski (Coupar)

I was born and raised in Frankenmuth, MI.  I graduated in 1995 and moved to California to pursue a management career with Best Buy, Inc.  I spent 5 years in California but was happy to come home.  in 2000, I purchased a small home sewing machine that had a few little embroidery features.  Within a year I was hooked!  I upgraded to a little bigger machine that I could do left chest designs with and started to learn how to make the electronic design files.  About a year into it my Dad asked me to do some hats for his business.  I explained I couldn't do hats.  His response was "What do we need to do hats?".  I responded with "A big machine!".  Within a few months he helped me purchase a big machine.  Around 2002 my Dad didn't get his normal contract for his business.  I decided I couldn't just stay at home not doing anything so I rented a little building in Birch Run, MI and opened Coupar Creations.  I only offered embroidery.  In the next few years everything would change when Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away 7 months later.  In the years since we have grown, succeeded, failed, and ultimately become a very versatile business.  We now offer totally in-house high end screen printing with special effects printing, sublimation gifts and products, crystal embellishment,  simple signs, and graphic design services.  We offer other services as well that are not in-house such as promotional products, business card printing, digital printed signs, and much more.  

I am very lucky to be able to continue my business.  I have two small children and care for my Mom who has lived with me for 10 years.  She has had MS for over 30 years and needs a lot of care.  I very much appreciate my customers flexibility and understanding.  While we are a small business and home based we are very good at what we do. 

Heather Brechtelsbauer (Robinson)

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Deana Kowalski (Coupar)

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