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Embroidery and Digitizing

Vector and Raster Screen Printing

We are wooing a potential customer...
Today was a good day!!  Tech came and looked at 1 machine and fixed the smaller machine
More awesome apparel destined for our BHAM customers!

We have been embroidering clothing since 2000.  Not only do we embroider the garments but we also create the digitized design files that the embroidery machine needs to sew out the design.  Most embroiderers send this work out.  Since I have been doing to for a long time I like to do it in-house.  We get to maintain a high level of quality without delays on design edits.  We can also make more unique things like applique designs.

We usually do not charge for digitizing.  We consider it an investment in our relationship with our customer.  We are a small business and know that all those little fees add up and make getting great custom items really hard.  Instead, we would like to retain your long term business and grow with you.  If you have been fee'd up, contact us.  We are happy to help.

We offer a few hundred colors of thread to choose from, a few hundred fonts, and all kinds of unique ideas.

The JLK deisgn in the picture gallery is a very simple but personaluzed design we put on a customer supplied fleece blanket.

The Houghton Fluidcare logo is a 2 color design that was digitized by us and will be sewn onto polo's and corporate apparel.

The ABELE'S and Kowalski sweatshirts you see are actually a tye die t-shirt that has been cut on a plotter and then appliqued onto the shirt to acheive a bold unique piece that everyone loves.

The Congress horse design is an example of how much color variation we can get by simply turning stitches or changing the style of stitch.  The tan color in the horse are really just 1 color with a little lighter thread as a highlight.  The luster of the thread laid in different ways creates depth and interest.  This was a design that I was supplied a embroidery file for and just had to redo it.  The horse they had looked more like a palomino and I wanted to give them something better.

The Shriner and Mason logos are custom digitized in-house as well.  The gloves are leather and we do embroider them but require special handling.

We can create design files from nearly anything you supply us.  We have worked from line drawings on napkins!

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