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Vector and Raster Screen Printing


Screen Printing is a great solution for medium to high quantity custom apparel.  Screen printing traditionally uses a plastisol ink pushed thru a screen of mesh that has an image on it to make a print onto a garment.  Most screen printers print in vector art style which is solid objects of solid color.  The pink Eagle Express image is a demonstration of that type of printing.

Here is what sets us apart....

We aren't traditional.  We print vector art and raster art.  Raster art is much more detailed.  Instead of objects of color it is all tiny little dots.  For example, the Frankenmuth Eagles design shown above is a 4 color design.  There was only gold, red, white, and black used to print it.  The tiny dots give us the ability to blend colors to achieve other colors like the grey values on the eagles head.

We also don't stick to regular plastisol ink.  We use special effects ink, discharge water base, and standard water base.  Each of these inks requires special handling and give a different final product.

We do all this printing in-house!  The ability to print images like these isn't just the physical printing.  It starts with highly specialized software and a great beginning image.  

We can print up to 6 color designs

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