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Services We Offer

These are the many services we provide.  Some are targeted for small quantity orders and some for large.  We try to be versatile in order to fit our customers needs.  If you are looking for technical information on any of them, look under the "What To Know" tab.  It has more specific technical information.

Vector and Raster Art Screen Printing


We offer a wide range of printing options.  We can print raster artwork and vector art.  There really isn't a print that we can't handle or have a solution for.  We don't strip down artwork to be able to print it.  We use plastisol ink, water base, discharge ink, and special effects ink.  All our screen printing is done in -house.

If you have a print job let us see it!  We probably have a great solution for your project.

Embroidery and Digitizing

We offer full embroidery in-house.  We do our digitizing in-house as well.  We have made embroidery designs from as little as a napkin drawing.  We handle large and small orders alike.  We have tons of colors and fonts to choose from.



One of our more unique services we offer is sublimation.  This systems gives us the ability to make all kinds of very custom unique items.  The process uses a ink that changes from a liquid to a gas and chemically combines with the polyester in an item.  The base items for this system are uniquely treated to use it.  You can create things like mugs, t-shirts, ceramic tile, hardboard tiles, name badges, signs, ceiling tile... the list goes on and on.  The glory of this system is that we can make you 1!  

Crystal Embelishment

We offer custom crystal services too!  Our crystal is heat set and exceptionally durable.  We add crystal to accent many embroidery pieces.  Everyone loves a little sparkle!


Sign, signs, and more signs!  We can make simple 1 color all the way to digital printed full color photo's.  Tell us your project and see what we can come up with as a solution!

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